Body Language – Feeling Awkward

Observe the two pictures. Who feels Awkward and in which one? 

Hillary Clinton, in the first one.

Foot will tell if an ongoing meeting is smooth or not. If the meeting does not go well, it will point to the exit – getting ready to leave the place.

Hillary’s feet moves away from SM Krishna. She indicates – I want to exit immediately. Why?

First is Eye contact: Krishna wears a photochromic eyeglass. No one can maintain a normal talk with someone wearing a sunglass. Hillary is not in a comfort zone. 

Second is Hip: Krishna leans towards the guest. Taboo! Between a male and female, the distance between their hips tell how close they are in their relationship. Give personal space and stand straight. Hillary Clinton obviously keeps enough distance, by moving away.

The next day, SM Krishna stands straight and wears a plain glass. Hillary seems happy!!! Well done! 

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