One Extra Sugar

Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam – It is a restaurant I visit often with my colleagues on Friday afternoons for a cup of coffee. It is situated next to our office and its a quiet place with a hang-out ambiance – also with river view. It is a good way to start enjoying the weekend ahead. Although we visit once a week, the waiter/waitress remembers our choice “Two Cappuccino and One coffee. with extra sugar. correct?” – yes, extra sugar.

The feel that you are remembered makes you to visit the same place again. It is called customer loyalty by a happy returning customer.

In general, I love the taste of coffee which is bittersweet. Cappuccino with its milk content reduces the bitterness. Sugar increases its taste.

Last week, one waiter while taking the order commented as below:

  • waiter: Two cappuccinos and One coffee. right?
  • me: yes, with extra sugar
  • waiter: Of course….. but extra sugar is not good for the health, guys.

I don’t know why I needed to listen. From this week, I stopped ordering that extra sugar.

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