Different Perspective

A teacher was taking a lesson on Buddhism in his class. “Students! In Buddhism, Nirvana is a final state of freedom from suffering. Desire is the reason for suffering. Buddha said ‘Extinguish your desire and attain happiness’. So students… No desire”. He stopped for a moment, and asked the students, “what did you learn today?”

One student replied “It was Buddha’s STRONG desire that we all should not have any desire“. That’s a different perspective.

Last month, I was driving home along with my wife and my daughter was sitting on her lap. Suddenly the climate changed and clouds were all in black. I told my daughter, “Look above, the white cloud has turned black, it is full of water now. It is going to rain shortly. Water is going to come down.” This is a complex logic for a little child.

She looked above, and slowly said, “Yes dad, Water is going to come”. She moved closer to my face, pouted her lips and blew raspberries. “See dad.. I told you.. Water is coming”. I was left flabbergasted.

All we need is a different perspective to enjoy our life.

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